About Us

A.Menashe Tech Ltd. was founded by menashe akiva and his son eyal at 2003

We began as a small, local metalworking shop focused on solutions for medical industry. We now supply products to Iscar (part of Berkshire Hathaway) and ther companies throughout Israel, Europe and the United States. Over the years, our customer base has expanded to many different industries: aeronautics, automotive, defense, medical and pharmaceutical, optics, steelworks and more.

Our staff of 20 skilled professionals, includes an R&D department that seeks innovative solutions to all types of metalworking challenges. Our 1,200 square meter plant is located in the Nahariya industrial zone.

About Metalworking

Machining is not just one process. It is a group of exact processes that share a common feature: the use of a cutting tool to produce a chip ("swarf") that is then removed from the workpart.

To perform the operation, relative motion is required between the cutting tool and the work. This relative motion is achieved by means of a primary motion ("cutting speed") and a secondary motion ("feed").